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Dove hunting in Cordoba is high volume all year. Los Gauchos provides dove hunting at several lodges in Cordoba for your Argentina wing shooting trip.

Argentina Dove Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Dove Hunting Lodge

Luxury Lodge - High Volume Dove Shooting

This lodge is a favorite among wing shooters. Dove fields minutes from the lodge and extraordinary service at the LC Lodge in Cordoba.

Dove Hunting Lodge in Argentina - Los Gauchos

Doves in Cordoba

High Volume Shooting

Landscapes that are prime for doves in Argentina. Farmers that need wing shooters to break records. Los Gauchos Dove Hunting in Argentina.

Los Gauchos Argentina Dove Hunting

Cordoba Dove Hunting

Lodges - Packages that INCLUDE shotguns

Los Gauchos is based in the US and knows the Cordoba dove hunting trips. We work there, travel to Argentina, and shoot in the same fields. So contact our office and get your dove hunt booked.

Cordoba Dove Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Dove Hunting in Argentina

hunting equipment INCLUDED

Los Gauchos Outfitters includes the use of high quality shotguns for all dove hunting lodges in Argentina. Included int he daily rate. Always has been. Los Gauchos - Argentina dove hunting.

Dove Hunting Equipment for Argentina - Los Gauchos Outfitters
Dove Hunter - Los Gauchos

Argentina Dove Hunting

Argentina wingshooting is the reason most bird hunters search for dove hunting in South America. Argentina dove hunting is a world class, famous wingshooting trip that all wingshooters must take and get the dove hunting group together to for Cordoba doves. When are you allowed to hunt doves? Anytime. The season is year round and the limit is....uh, none, nada, unlimited. So, before you pack your favorite 20 gauge make sure you pack your favorite shooting glove and get your shooting shoulder ready for some high volume doves in Argentina.

Dove Hunting Lodges - Cordoba

Cordoba Dove HuntingLos Gauchos has several Argentina dove hunting lodges to choose from. All our first class and definitely the best when it comes to dove hunting in Argentina. An Argentina wingshooting trip though is so much more than the volume of doves (which, by the way is grand!), the estancias or lodges are wonderful buildings that are designed for the modern hunter and their guests and the food and wine and service and spirit is one for complete enjoyment during your 3 day Argentina wingshooting trip.

So, view the various lodges, contact Los Gauchos Outfitters about availability, last minute specials, or to book a large group a paticular set of dates. If you are a single shooter, come on! These lodges welcome single shooters and again, the dove hunting is spectacular for any wingshooter to experience at anytime in Argentina.

Cordoba Wingshooting

Cordoba Dove Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters Cordoba dove hunting is the most popular and there are several options for this high volume dove hunt. Dove hunting in Argentina is a wingshooting adventure best experienced with a 20 gauge in hand. Doves are considered to be a problem plague in the area, so there are no bag limits or seasons to limit when and how many doves you can shoot. Most bird hunters will use two shotguns while dove hunting in Cordoba. You can expect to go through 1,000 (one thousand) rounds before lunch. Wingshooting in Argentina takes place right outside the city of Cordoba. Dove hunting is available year round and no limits are placed on the number of doves one can shoot.

Cordoba stands out as the dove hunting destination and Los Gauchos offers the best dove hunting lodge. Remember, when you travel this far you want high volume and the experience of a great South American bird hunt. The lodging, meals, fine Argentina wines and famous beef are all part of the Los Gauchos Argentina dove hunting packages. Cordoba, a large metropolitan city in Argentina, is considered to be one of the best places worldwide for dove hunting. The farm land about 1 hour from the Cordoba airport is full of mountains and hills, among sunflower, soy, corn crops that dove roosts call home. These characteristics provide an excellent location for the dove roosts to reproduce and continue to grow. It is estimated that in a good feeding area near water, over 1,000,000 (one million) doves fly throughout the day.

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Keep up to date as we constantly update websites and send out emails with specials. The doves are always there. So enjoy the ease of planning an affordable Argentina dove hunt.

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Dove Hunting Trips

Flights leave the US in the evening. The day you arrive you shoot that afternoon. Argentina hunting lodges are only an hour from the COR airport. Single shooters are welcome.

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If you are looking for a destination that you can plan last minute, not break your budget, and be in Argentina with unlimited doves, then Los Gauchos dove hunting is for you.